1) Question: What are the first steps required to get an L1/L2 certification?

  • Register yourself for the training (apply using the procedure described under "Safety Training").
  • Successfully do the training
  • Collect your records (pls check the L1/L2 Requirements)
  • Be in the loop by writing me an email with your telephone number (I will add you in our Signal group)
  • Write me an email for the final practical examination at the Prisma

2) Question: Can I get the L2 certificate without having previously obtained the L1-Operator certification?

Answer: No, you cannot. There are special cases (exceptions) though: you have to attend the course on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday if you plan to directly apply for an L2 operator certification.


3) Question: What are the legal requirements in order to be accepted as an L1/L2 operator?

Answer: The only legal requirement is to have a valid contract (WHK, SHK or similar for at least 12 months) either with the University, UKR or MEDBO. Breaks are allowed, so the 12-month period does not need to be continuous


4) Question: Do I need to demonstrate my records of active participation to the measurements at the Prisma in order to get my L1/L2 certification?

 Answer: Yes, using an .xlsx sheet


5) Question: I have already obtained my L1-Operator certification. Do I need to attend the MRI-Safety training or to repeat the written examination (during the same year) in order to apply for an L2-Operator certificate?

 Answer: No, once you've passed the exam it has a validity of two years. You just need to attend the practical training at the Prisma in conjunction with the additional 5-day training at the Department of Neuroradiology (BKR).


6) Question: I have successfully completed my L1-Operator certification. How long should I wait to apply for an L2-Operator certification?

Answer: You have to wait at least until the next MRI-Safety training (held twice a year, usually in April/September). Special cases discussed privately.


7) Question: How long does my FA (First Aid) certificate last?

Answer: 3 years. You should renew it every 3 years.


8) Question: I live far away from Regensburg. Can I attend the First Aid Certification (FAC) somewhere else?

Answer: Yes, of course.


9) Question: Do I need to obtain the FAC (First Aid Certification) if I´m not interested in having the L1/L2 status (only for those students attending the course for their credits)?

Answer: No, it is only mandatory for people applying as L1/L2 operators and not for students attending the M21.1 or M22.1


10) Question: I have already worked with a Siemens 3T Prisma somewhere else. Do I need to do the training anyway?

Answer: Yes and probably you will apply for an L2-Operator certification. Pls, contact the SM (Security Manager) for more details.


11) Question: What about the MRI-Safety examination? Can I fail the examination?

Answer: You have to answer to 40 questions (in 20 minutes) ranging from the MRI physics to the evacuation procedures.

If you fail more than 20 questions you have to repeat the examination during the next MRI-Safety Training (after 5-6 months). If you fail, you won´t be allowed to participate to any measurements at the Prisma.


12) Question: I am a student attending the course only for the credits. What happens if I fail the examination?

Answer: You will need repeat the exam only (in the next coming session) and not the practical part if you already did it. Registration is required (limited number of seats!!).


13) Question: Where do I find all the course slides required documents and forms?

Answer: Registration is required and need to be granted by the Security Manager. You are not allowed to share any material you find in the forum.


14) Question: I´ve obtained my L2-Operator certification. Where can I book the Prisma to do my experiments?

Answer: Bookings