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4-7 September 2023  9ct - 5pm in PT5 (SS2023)
26-29 February 2024 9ct - 5pm in PT5 (WS2024)


Course description

The SPM course is designed for students wanting to be introduced in the fMRI field ranging from beginning to intermediate skill levels. It will provide the basic knowledge of the MR signal, the MRI scanner and the endogenous BOLD contrast reflecting the oxygenation level of the brain´s vasculature. Furthermore, it will cover all aspects of the experimental design, the BOLD specificity and the definition of a General Linear Model (GLM) that will be statistically analysed and optimized by means of SPM12 in order to show significant cortical activations. A practical demonstration of all the SPM12 tools will be given including the batch analysis and the Dynamic Causal Modelling (DCM).


Course instructions

  1. Watch the video for installing Matlab in your PC at home (before the course begins)
  2. Download SPM12 (from here) and watch the video for installing SPM12  (before the course begins)
  3. Take and study your notes
  4. Final Test with a toy example



Registration will be on a first-come, first-served basis

Maximum number of participants is 15

Course will be given in English