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MRI-Safety Training (Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten am MRT) 14-18/02/22

Lectures: CIP POOL PT4

Registration for L1 applicants and "L2 direct applicants" here

Registration for L1 refresher, L2 refresher and L2 applicants here

The Course has a mandatory attendance + one hour practical training$ in the MRT2 Lab (BKR)

$COVID-19: For the practical training at the Prisma the 3G rule will be applied (vaccinated, recovered or tested)



Stud = students (for LP credits only)
L1/L2 app = L1/L2 applicants (read here)
L1+L2 direct applicant (only for those having already obtained the L2 status in another MRI Lab)

L1/L2 = already certified L1/L2 (more than 2 years ago)


 Practical Training at the Siemens MAGNETOM Prisma 3T (mandatory 1 hour training in one of the reserved slots)




Students only --> Exam3 *
L1 app --> Exam1 *
L1 app with LP credits --> Exam3 *
L1+L2 app direct --> Exam1 + Exam2 ("direct": only for those having already obtained the L2 status in another MRI Lab) §
L2 app --> Exam2 §
L2 app with LP credits --> Exam2 + Exam3 §
L1 --> Exam2 (refresher)
L2 --> Exam2 (refresher)


Exam1:  15/02/22  10:30-10:55?
Exam2:  16/02/22  14:00-14:30?
Exam3:  18/02/22  10:30-11:00?


* Additional mandatory L1 app Training (same as Stud Training)

§ Additional mandatory L2 app training



SPM12 Course 

MRT Sprechstunde (Montag 10-12 Uhr)

Methodenberatung für Masterstudierende im Bereich MR / Consultant hour for master students about fMRI (Dienstag 9-11 Uhr)  

Beratung für Bachelorstudenten (Dienstag 11-12 Uhr)


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