Archwire (Stainless Steel)  
Airway stents or tracheostomy  
Artificial limb  
Brackets Dental (Stainless steel)  
Bone Fusion (Spinal) Stimulator   
Bone Growth Stimulator  
Breast Tissue Expanders  
Catheters with metallic components (Swan-Ganz catheter)  
Cerebral artery aneurysm clips  
Cochlear Implants  
Color Contact Lenses (Circle Contact Lenses or Big Eye Contact Lenses) It may contain iron oxide and other metals, which means their use during magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a potential hazard.
Corneal Implants (Boston Kerato-prosthesis)  
Coronary and peripheral artery stents  
Crowns (Dental) stainless steel or cobalt-chrome  
Dental Implants (Ferromagnetic)  
Dental and Maxillofacial Implants containing magnets  
Diabetic Subjects  
Drug infusion pumps (insulin delivery, analgesic drugs, or chemotherapy pumps)  
Electronic Retinal Implants  
Feeding Tubes  
Foley catheter with a temperature probe  
Gastric Reflux Device  
Halo vests  
Harrington rods  
Hearing aid  
Implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs)  
Implantable Drug Infusion Pumps  
Implantable neurostimulation systems  
Implantable Pediatric Sternum Device  
Insulin Pumps  
Internal pacing wires  
Intra-Cranial Vascular Clips  
IUDs (unknown models)  
Loop Recorders  
Magnetic dental implants  
Mascara Remove it because such cosmetics often contain iron oxides that create a local artifact and may even result in eye irritation during MR imaging
Metal implants (iron-based)  
Metallic Foreign Body in the Eye  
Metallic fragments such as bullets, shotgun pellets, and metal shrapnel   
Metallic Tattoos  
Neuro-Stimulation Systems    
Ocular prosthesis  
Pacemakers (CIED)  
Penile prosthesis  
Pregnant/possibly pregnant  
Programmable shunts  
Prosthesis (any type of limb, eye, penile)   
Prosthetic Heart Valves  
Retinal tacks  
Shunt (Spinal or Brain)  
Spinal cord stimulators (SCS)  
Surgical clips or wire sutures  
Temporary Transvenous Pacing Leads  
Tissue expander  
Triggerfish Contact Lens  
Ventricular Catheters