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 (Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten am MRT M22.1) 


27.02.23 - 03.03.2023 in CIP POOL PT5 --> WiSe-22/23




Who Description Lectures Exam Practical Training
Students Students Mo-Fr 9ct-5pm Fr 2pm        (Ex3) Th 2pm st
L1 Applicants No MRI experience Mo 9ct - Tu 12:30pm Tu 12:30pm (Ex1) Tu 2pm st
L2 Applicants Already L1 in the last MRI Safety Training Tue 9ct - 12:30pm Tu 12:30pm (Ex2) We 2pm st
L2 Direct Applicants Already L2 in other MRI Labs Mo 9ct - Tu 12:30pm Tu 12:30pm (Ex1)

Tu 2pm st &

We 2pm st

Refresher for L1/L2 Already L1/L2 Tue 9ct - 12:30pm Tu 12:30pm (Ex2)

 L1 Refresher: Tu 2pm st

L2 Refresher: We 2pm st




 *"direct L2 applicants" are only those having already obtained the L2 status in another MRI Lab

$COVID-19: For the practical training at the Siemens Prisma 3T the 2G+ rule will be applied (vaccinated/recovered AND tested)

Course Slides: here 

Training: lectures + 1h practical training at the Siemens Prisma 3T$

Covid Test