(Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten am MRT M22.1) 

The course has been designed for students wanting to be introduced into the MRI field. It will provide the basic knowledge of the MR signal and the MRI scanner. Progressively, it will go through all MRI standards, safety rules and requirements needed in order to properly fulfill the L1/L2 operator duties. The course will then provide practical training at the Siemens MAGNETOM Prisma 3T  for all participants in order to correctly help (L1) and operate (L2) the MRI scanner. Additionally, it will be discussed the endogenous BOLD contrast reflecting the oxygenation level of the human brain´s vasculature. Furthermore, it will cover some aspects of the fMRI experimental designs, the BOLD specificity and its limits.
Course will be given in English.


Next Session: 31st July - 4th August 2023 in CIP POOL PT5 (CIP-Pool PT5 (1.0.17B))




Who Description Lectures Exam Practical Training
Students Students wanting "UR Leistungspunkte" credits Mo-Fr 9ct-5pm Fr 10am (Ex3) Th 2pm
L1 Applicants L1 applicants with no MRI experience Mo 9ct - Tu 1pm Tu 1pm (Ex2) Th 2pm
L2 Applicants Certified L1 operators wanting to apply for the L2 certification

Mo 1pm - 4pm

Tu 9ct - 1pm

Tu 1pm (Ex1) We 2pm
L2 Direct Applicants Already certified L2 in other MRI Labs Mo 9ct - Tu 1pm Tu 1pm (Ex2)

We + Th 2pm

Refresher for L1/L2 Refresher for certified L1/L2 operators

Mo 1pm - 4pm

Tu 9ct - 1pm

Tu 1pm (Ex1)

We 2pm (L2)

Th 2pm (L1)



Daily Course schedule

9:15 - 10:45

10:50 - 12:05

12:05-13:00 break

13:00 - 14:30

14:35 - 17:00



Exam-1      31.01.2023 at 1pm (L1 Refresher, L2 Refresher and L2 applicants) -> 40 Questions (Safety only)
[voe33004] 37 von 40 (92.50 %) bestanden
[ota64124] 34.57 von 40 (86.42 %) bestanden
[jar12080] 34.46 von 40 (86.15 %) bestanden
[flk51378] 33.17 von 40 (82.93 %) bestanden
[plt13107] 33.04 von 40 (82.60 %) bestanden
[bas05297] 32 von 40 (80.00 %) bestanden


Exam-2      31.01.2023 at 1pm (L1 applicants and L2-direct applicants) --> 48 Questions (Safety + MRI Theory)
[wis52111] 46.16 von 49 (94.20 %) bestanden
[wia07543] 42.37 von 49 (86.47 %) bestanden
[rus53341] 41.81 von 49 (85.33 %) bestanden
[het42774] 39.83 von 49 (81.29 %) bestanden
[daf26845] 37.87 von 49 (77.29 %) bestanden
[rem35909] 36.75 von 49 (75.00 %) bestanden
[wea21164] 36.64 von 49 (74.78 %) bestanden
[dal34613] 31.12 von 49 (63.51 %) bestanden


Exam-3      03.02.2023 at 10am (students wanting LP credits) --> 40 Questions (Safety + MRI Theory + BOLD)


[krm29839] 35.5 von 41 (86.59 %) bestanden


Practical Training

Download, print, fill out this document (English, German) and take it with you at the Practical Training

Download, print, fill out also this document (English only) and take it with you at the Practical Training

Do the Covid Test (you can do it here)




  • for the course
    • UR students will use SPUR
    • L1/L2 applicants + "L2 direct* applicants" + L1/L2 Refreshers
      • write me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. using one of the selected SUBJECTS / WiSe/SoSe (L1 Applicant, L2 Applicant, L1 Refresher, L2 Refresher, L2-Direct Applicant). Thank you!
        • examples:


 *"direct L2 applicants" are only those having already obtained the L2 status in another MRI Lab