MRI-Safety Training

If you do not have an NDS account pls register here

When: September 20-24, 2021 (Module 22.1) 9ct-5pm

Who: Students (to get credits) + L1 applicants

Where: Lectures via Zoom



The course is designed for students wanting to be introduced in the MRI field. It will provide the basic knowledge of the MR signal and the MRI scanner.

Progressively, it will go through all MRI standards, safety rules and requirements needed in order to properly fulfill the L1/L2 operator duties. If you want to become an L1/L2 operator pls read here and here (FAQ here)

The course will then provide practical training at the Siemens MAGNETOM Prisma 3T for all participants in order to correctly help (L1) and operate (L2) the MRI scanner.


Course instructions

  1. Attend the course (whole Monday, Tuesday morning, Thursday morning) via Zoom
  2. Take and study your notes (course slides are available in the prisma forum here (registration is required))
  3. Pass the online written exam* (25 minutes)
  4. Download, print and sign the current MRI questionnaire here (English here) + COVID-19 questionnaire here (bring them with you at the practical training)
  5. Attend the practical training at the Prisma (Tuesday or Thursday afternoon). Pls register yourselves here (well in advance)
  6. Comply with the COVID-19 rules of the University of Regensburg and the MEDBO facility

Lectures (ID: 402 334 6630, Passcode: 624284 or direct link)

Monday 9ct - 5pm

Tuesday 9ct -12pm

Tuesday afternoon OR Thursday afternoon: practical training (Pls register yourselves here (well in advance))

Wednesday 9ct -12pm

Thursday morning 9ct-1pm

Friday 9ct-5pm

Additional material

Watch the Siemens Safety video here (mandatory)

L1-Operator training video here

L1-Operator tasks .pdf here


Exam instructions

*Exam: Electronic remote examinations with supervision (ILIAS ) on the ??? (25 minutes duration)

Listen carefully to all lectures and take notes

Ask questions

Study the slides (available here) and your notes

Total questions: 41 (33 are single choice and 8 are multiple choice)

You have to correctly answer at least 50% of all questions

Questions and answers are all randomly organised

Wrong answers will deduct points from your total score (random guessing won't work). If you do not know the correct answer it is better to leave it blank and continue


Exam requirements

1. Uni-VPN + Zoom + Uni-NDS (if you do not have one you can get it here)
2. PC/Laptop(with VPN) + Smartphone/Tablet/PC/Laptop
(with Zoom)

More information here


Instructions (German)




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